You aren’t welcome here 2015

How do you start writing about hard things? I guess you just start writing. There are days where my written creativity is so stifled by the events of life that I can’t imagine writing anything worth reading. But then I realize I like writing about life and if my life is hard right now, then […]

I only see the now, but God can see the when

I’m not writing enough. That is something I am very certain about. It is funny how I can draft up stories and posts and scenarios in my mind while I am going about my day, yet when I have a few minutes to sit and write, I don’t. At the end of every day, when […]



Hope has long been my favorite word. I believe that hope is essential to life, to the soul and to my faith. Hope springs eternal from my life verse, Jeremiah 29:11. I look back upon the storyboard of my life and I know that hope has always been a theme of mine. So much so, […]

Digging up my passions

Its been nearly two years since I posted. I remember when I used this space to empty my mind, my heart. In the time since I have been here, I’ve been missing a special part of me that I let fall to the very bottom of my “must-do” list. My heart for writing. I love […]

Fitness Challenge: Week 3

Week three weigh-in. I left work, headed to the gym and was resigned to the fact that I felt terrible, I had cheated over the weekend and I was going to back slide this week. With that in mind I pounded out a few miles on the treadmill before the weigh-in, hoping for a last […]

Year two…fading into year three

Two years. How is it possible that two full years have passed since we promised to love each other no matter what? I only remember parts of that day. Not because it wasn’t memorable, but because it was like a dream.  It was a day filled with laughter, happiness and the heaviest dress I have […]

Worries, memories and certainties…

Some days I worry about having children. I wonder how Derek and I can possible make time in our lives for another human. We are already trying to juggle our dog around on the days we work late or for a night out…but a human? Babies can’t be left in the backyard or garage with […]