You aren’t welcome here 2015

How do you start writing about hard things? I guess you just start writing. There are days where my written creativity is so stifled by the events of life that I can’t imagine writing anything worth reading. But then I realize I like writing about life and if my life is hard right now, then […]

I chose you. A CASA update

It’s been about two months since I started getting together with my CASA child. We hang out every week, for an hour or so. I pick her up, we grab some food. Sometimes we eat there, sometimes I bring Cali and we take it to go and head to the local dog park. She loves […]

The first date

We went out for tacos. To a little hole-in-the-wall place on the main drag. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to swap out the cow tongue or carne asada listed on the menu for beans, but they were kind enough to accommodate me. She asked if she could get five tacos. That seemed like […]

Fitness Challenge: Week 2

Week two in the books. We had our weekly meeting and weigh-in last night and I was ecstatic to learn I dropped 1.8 lbs last week! The best news is that I can physically feel the difference in my body, the reshaping taking place, which is better than simple weight lost.  Looking forward to next week when […]

You see the trouble with dogs is…

Cali. My adorable, sweet, “cuter than a button” faced Cali. My destructive, chewing, digging, couch and plant destroying Cali. Will the REAL Cali please stand up? Or shake or bark or something? I mean seriously… Our little angel is 9 months old. I realize that qualifies as the “terrible twos” in dog age but how […]

Oh blog, how I have missed you

>A mile a minute doesn’t even begin to describe how fast I have been moving these last few months. Work, home, dog…where to begin? Honestly, who really cares? All that matters is that I have found my way back to my little world of writing that I love so much. The beauty of that is, […]

Getting my hopes up…

>The trouble with house hunting is…you get your hopes up. Inevitably, they are going to be dashed at some point! Tonight we are actually going to look INSIDE of houses for the first time. Sunday I thought we were going to, but we weren’t given the chance…I suppose that was a small hope dashed. Tonight, […]