Friendship: A blessing and a curse

I have a lot of amazing friends. So many, in fact, I cannot keep up with everyone all the time. That’s not to brag, it is simply a fact of my life. I’ve lived in the same city for 33 + years. I went to school, went to church, worked every job here. You are […]

I only see the now, but God can see the when

I’m not writing enough. That is something I am very certain about. It is funny how I can draft up stories and posts and scenarios in my mind while I am going about my day, yet when I have a few minutes to sit and write, I don’t. At the end of every day, when […]


>This weekend we had what we affectionately called “Weezy-Palooooza” In case you don’t get it, and if you aren’t specifically related to me on the Ruckle side I don’t know why you would, my maternal grandmother’s name is Lousie, we have always called her Weez and Sunday was her 80th birthday. She and my grandpa […]