Jesus lovin



Hope has long been my favorite word. I believe that hope is essential to life, to the soul and to my faith. Hope springs eternal from my life verse, Jeremiah 29:11. I look back upon the storyboard of my life and I know that hope has always been a theme of mine. So much so, […]

But for the grace of God, go I.

I was born, raised and will die in the Christian church. It is a place I love, but also a place that can be broken. Christians are supposed to operate in love and grace, but often are overcome by judgment and it leads to loneliness. I’ve been faced with it again and again in my […]

Worries, memories and certainties…

Some days I worry about having children. I wonder how Derek and I can possible make time in our lives for another human. We are already trying to juggle our dog around on the days we work late or for a night out…but a human? Babies can’t be left in the backyard or garage with […]

Intentional Community

If you read this with any regularity, you know that many of my blogs are inspired by what the teaching was at church that week. This is yet another such entry. On a side note, I’d like to inform my friend Eric that I still intend to re-listen to his teaching and blog about it. […]


Tonight I went to church, as I am prone to do most Sundays. I happen to attend the church where my brother pastors, Natomas Vineyard. There is something hilarious and surreal about listening to your big brother teach. Then again, we both listened to our dad do the same thing our whole lives so I suppose, […]

2012 Resolutions

I don’t really believe in resolutions. I don’t buy into the thought that the turn of a new year gives you a clean slate. While I understand that people love a reason to start fresh, I believe that any day, any moment in time awards us this opportunity. Waiting until the strike of midnight on December […]

What If….

I was going back through some of my past posts and I decided to re-post this one because…well, just because. Originally written 09/01/2010 We are not supposed to live in the land of “What If” Trying to imagine what life would have been like IF or IF ONLY will only drive you crazy….but sometimes I […]