The learning in leaving

Today was my last day at my current job and I’m moving on to a new place. Again. I say it like that because sometimes that is how it feels. “You are changing jobs AGAIN?!” “Didn’t you just get a new job?” I did. I have only been at my current job for 14 months […]

Fitness Challenge: Week 3

Week three weigh-in. I left work, headed to the gym and was resigned to the fact that I felt terrible, I had cheated over the weekend and I was going to back slide this week. With that in mind I pounded out a few miles on the treadmill before the weigh-in, hoping for a last […]

The Fitness Challenge….this is where I get extreme

Diet. Exercise. Weight Loss. BMI. Counting Calories. Sit-ups. Do any of these words (phrases) make you break out in hives? Yeah. So I remember waaaaay back in the day when I was in high-school, I was pencil thin (too thin, but whatever) used to eat like a horse (the worst possible foods) and exercise was more natural than […]

Surrounded by Katz

I am 3 weeks in to my new profession. My new life. My new persona. So far I love it. I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. I am finding my place here and I am liking what I find. They need me here and I can bring them something that they didn’t have before. […]

The end of an era. The beginning of promise

Radio. The all consuming career. If you work in radio then you eat radio, you breathe radio and you dream radio. You field phone calls during all hours of the day, work all hours of the night, can never schedule a weekend out of town and you barely get paid enough to make rent. Living the dream. […]

Ready for something new

Have you ever been ready for something new? Not a complete departure from your day-to-day life, but just something new and different. That is where I am now. I am happy. I love life. I love my husband and my dog and my family and everything personal in my life. I don’t love my professional life. […]

Today is the kind of day…

Today is the kind of day in which my frustrations overshadow my inspiration, the pressure squeezes out my happiness and the trouble of the day erases any smile from my face. Today is the kind of day in which I wish I would have spent a little more time enjoying those 3 months I was unemployed […]