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For God Knows the Plans He Has – a Birth Story

“Unfortunately, after reviewing your blood work, blood pressure and ultrasound, I recommend that we induce labor right away. Please be at the hospital by Noon… I am working labor and delivery today, so I’ll be here when you arrive” I do not cry in public very often. I certainly have never broken down into the […]

To my son

It is still unbelievable to utter those words and I haven’t even met you yet. You won’t believe what we had to do to get to this point. Don’t worry, your dad will tell you all about it and never let you forget how much money we spent on you before you were even born […]

You aren’t welcome here 2015

How do you start writing about hard things? I guess you just start writing. There are days where my written creativity is so stifled by the events of life that I can’t imagine writing anything worth reading. But then I realize I like writing about life and if my life is hard right now, then […]