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I only see the now, but God can see the when

I’m not writing enough. That is something I am very certain about. It is funny how I can draft up stories and posts and scenarios in my mind while I am going about my day, yet when I have a few minutes to sit and write, I don’t. At the end of every day, when […]

But for the grace of God, go I.

I was born, raised and will die in the Christian church. It is a place I love, but also a place that can be broken. Christians are supposed to operate in love and grace, but often are overcome by judgment and it leads to loneliness. I’ve been faced with it again and again in my […]

Dear Derek

On one hand it seems impossible that we’ve already been married four years. On the other hand, I feel like we’ve been together forever. Dear Derek, Though I celebrate us every day, today is a special day for words. Fours years ago we promised to love, cherish and hold each other in good times, bad […]

The first date

We went out for tacos. To a little hole-in-the-wall place on the main drag. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to swap out the cow tongue or carne asada listed on the menu for beans, but they were kind enough to accommodate me. She asked if she could get five tacos. That seemed like […]

Life Changing

I’m in the process of realizing a dream I’ve had in my heart the last four years. The dream of not being a selfish brat and trying to do something good for someone who could really use it. I’ve always known I live a charmed life. Great family, great husband, great friends. The kind of […]

What If….

I was going back through some of my past posts and I decided to re-post this one because…well, just because. Originally written 09/01/2010 We are not supposed to live in the land of “What If” Trying to imagine what life would have been like IF or IF ONLY will only drive you crazy….but sometimes I […]

Why do I judge people?

I am ashamed of myself. Every time I have convinced myself that I am a lover of people and I accept everyone, I blow it. Today I was at my local grocery store, The Nugget, which by most standards is a high-er class store because of the prices and look of the store. You also […]