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When Hope came home

A year ago we brought home our daughter, Cassadee Hope. Our first daughter, our last baby and the culmination of years of trials, failures, successes and holding onto hope. As soon as we found out she was a girl I knew I wanted her middle name to be Hope. Hope is my favorite word. Born […]

2019: The year I learned I’m actually a mess

Prior to February 7, 2019 I had it together. I could do anything, be anything, try anything – HANDLE ANYTHING. And I could do it cool, calm and collected. Having my first child in 2017 threw me for a short term loop. Becoming a parent is an adjustment, for sure. Working full time with a […]

Remember This

I made the mistake of not turning off the flash, so when I started recording, the light ratted me out. My son, nearly two and a half, does not appreciate being recorded. Which is funny because he loves watching videos of himself. Naturally, I am one of those 2019 moms that takes far too many […]